Wazifa for love husband wife relationship problems,” These are the best collection of free wazifa for love,lovers,wazifa for husband and wife,wazifa for love and relationship problems. We have carefully selected these love vazeefa which are most powerful,quick and result oriented.

Wazif to get ex-love back

Aik kale rang ki bili talash kare. Bili aise ho ke aik baal is ka Safeed na ho. Gab ap ko bili mill gai to foraan us ki moocho ke baal kaat lo. In balo ko apne paas mehfooz rakh lo. In balo ko roi baati me lapatlo. Is fateela ko mitii ke charaag me dal kar is pe ghee dal le. Nafaz shab guzaar gane ke baad tanha kamre me chale gai. Chaarag roshaan kar dai. Chaarag ka moo khaana mugub ki taraf kar de. Is ki roshni se kajal khasil kre. Gaab tak wo glta rhe is amaal ko parhtai rahe.

Wazifa for love husband wife relationship problems

Find a black cat ,which shall be pure black and has no white hair and get a hair from his mustaches and keep it safe with you,now at evening of new moons first Thursday wrap it in cotton and burn it in the lamp of pure ghee and get kajal from it ,then when he/she meets her/his lover just put it in your eyes as a mascara and the person will fall in love as soon as he gets in eye contact with you. This is a very powerful wazifa for love andrelationship.

Islamic Wazaif for Husband and Wife Love

Recent time many wife are facing problem of dispute with husband that is a common with many families. This is a general thing to get such type of problems in mulsim families or other society because husband wife relation relates same in every religion. According to muslim religion we can get islamic wazaif for husband in urdu to solve husband and wife dispute issues permanently. Islamic wazifa is very powerful spells to get a solution like love, husband wife relationship issue and delay marriage issue.

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