Taweez for husband love , ” mandrjazel naqush likh ke husband ko 9 din tak pilaian inshaala nakhatam hone wali muhhbat pada ho ji ge.:write 9 taviz tilisam for nine days and give it to your husban for 9 days in some sweet drink.he will fall in endless love tareeqa is ka ye ha ke is naqush ko kali murge ke ande per likhe aur pher luba ke dhoni de aur ayse jga per dafan kere jhan se us ka mehboob rooz guzarta ho jese ke us ka mehboob ande per se guzre ga talib ke muhabat me girftar ho gi ga.
:write this taviz on an egg of a black hen and then purify it with loban incense ,burry the egg in the mud ,when the loved one will walk over it

Taweez for husband love

jumma ke din se le ker saat din tak is taweez ko mehboob ke baal lapet ker jalao to mehboob dewana wer hazer ho ga aur talib tak puachne ke koshes kere ga. On friday start this ritual take hair of your loved one and wrap it around the tilisam and burn it in the fire ,there is no doubt that the desired person will come to the person doing the ritual.

Taweez for love in hindi:
kali maa ke is naqush ko lal rang ke marker se yellow paper per banaye aur is ke peache apne mehboob ka nam likhe pher is ko lapet ker is per ye manter 313 bar phere aur uoodh ke dhooni de ker wzan ke neache daba de.:make this picture of goddess kali and write the name of your lover at the back and make it with red marker on yellow paper .then read the following mantra for 313 times and blow it on the taweez in hindi and put it under a heavy weight.

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