Roohani taweez for love,”The people, who have become hopeless of not having children, should fastened the below amulet with their back. Insha ALLAH, the lord will bestow His blessings in three months.

Taweez For Lost Love and Marriage:

The people who have difficulty in accomplishing their Business tasks should drink the water including the following amulet for 21 days. Insha ALLAH the lord will bestow his blessings.

To avoid Power of Gaze wear it around your neck

For love-marriage the men should bind it over left arm and the women on right arm

The protection from enemy wear it around your neck

For every pain, wear it around your neck

Wear it around your neck for heart diseases

The name of the Prophet (P.B.U.H) in an amulet

For the safety of hotels, factories, shops, and homes, offices from theft, robbery, Jinns, Black-magic and everything except death.

The punctuality and regularity in reading the excerpts, the dress of the reader should be clean, the place of recitation should be clean and appropriate, focusing Makkah and Madina in mind while recitation, avoiding forbidden acts, having the purpose of reciting in mind and similar things should be followed.

i. For Love

Read the dua for enhancing love between husband and wife. Reading this dua for 31 days and repeating the dua 135 times daily would also be beneficial for Love-marriages. Insha ALLAH there would be success.

ii. For Solutions of Problems

Recite the dua for 33 times every day for avoiding facing problems. Insha ALLAH the next day of reciting the dua would spent happily.

iii. For Children

Daughters and sons both are the blessings of ALLAH. The pregnant women should recite first 17 verses of Surah Yusuf at any time of the day. This would bestow the parents with a son Insha ALLAH. If the women cannot recite the ayats then she should bind the amulet of it over her arm.

For Safety

If some is set on a difficult journey or travel and feels unsafe, then he\she should do the following:
Recite Surah Shams before moving on to the journey. Recite Surah 91 included in Chapter 30th of Quran.

Roohani taweez for love

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