islamic taweez for love , “Everyday your problems is gradually increase because you are missing your love partner. If your love partner is not with you then we can understand that you are suffering with internally problems. Love back is typical and critical way where we could not give guarantee that you will succeed or not. Taweez for love back is best alternate that gives us sympathy that we can bring back our love. If you have true love with your lover then Taweez for love back will succeed your desire. However, you should use Taweez for love back service with proper instructions and for instructions; you can take help of any specialist.

mandrjazel naqush ko hare kapre me pack ker ke kisi Phldar darkht ke sath amband de inshllah nakhatam hone walir muhabat pada ho ji ge.:write this tweez and pack it in a green cloth and put it on the tree your. lover will fall in love with you.

islamic taweez for love

kali maa ke is naqush ko lal rang ke marker se yellow paper per banaye aur is ke peache apne mehboob ka nam likhe pher is ko lapet ker is per ye manter 313 bar phere aur uoodh ke dhooni de ker wzan ke neache daba de.:make this picture of goddess kali and write the name of your lover at the back and make it with red marker on yellow paper .then read the following mantra for 313 times and blow it on the taweez in hindi and put it under a heavy weight.
mantar:adam soudm fhreng kali devi soutlan jo me kho wo ker ke laie che che swaha

is taweez ko likh ker zatoon ke tail me jalaiye aur chargh kora ko aur is ka rukh khana mutloob ke taraf rakhe to inshallah mehboob foren hazer ho ga is amal ko 3 -11 din jari rakhe

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