Binding Love Spells With Photos , ” Arrange the candles in a star shape, so if lines were connected between them they would form a pentacle. The red candles should be the top one point and the bottom two points, with the white candles the remaining points. Light your candles counter-clockwise. Place your two pictures in the center of the star, and your knife and ribbon alongside it. Say the following chant, focusing deeply on the words. Please read this through and make sure this is the kind of love you want before performing the spell!

To you the one who’s caught my eye
I bind you to me Never lie
Never stray and love me ’till
I’m dead in the ground and then even still

Feel for me more than ever before
Each day each hour more and more
Happiness stay you when you’re with me
When away sadness you’ll see

Binding Love Spells With Photos

But worry not for when you think
Of me and close your eyes, just blink
All that joy it shall flood free
And reminded of me you’ll be

And every day when you feel down
You’ll call to me and sadness drown
Tell of your troubles and tell me true
So your pains I may share with you

When it comes time for me to tell
Listen true and listen well
Offer advice so kind and clean
Of you the others will be green

To me you’re bound forever more
Binding never to be tore
Completed now this spell shall be
As I will, so mote it be

Now, if you have means to get a drop of blood:
Take your knife and make a cut on your finger, just deep enough so it bleeds. Place the two pictures side by side, and draw (so half is on one picture and half is on the other) an infinity symbol, linking the two pictures together. Then, put one drop of blood just on the picture that belongs to your prospective lover, and kiss the drop of blood so it makes a kiss-mark. Take the two pictures now, and press them together, with the picture sides facing each other. Wrap the pictures together with the ribbon and tie it tight, focusing on the idea of binding your lover to you whilst you wrap the pictures.

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