Allah Ko Razi Karne Ki Powertful Dua , ”Allah does not need to convince some more, just to keep you clear your mind and take into account any kind of discrimination is not helping each other never to return, we all forget the day of his Swarth in the happiness of others and will be included and then live for others,

Allah Tllah never offend your life will always be full of happiness, not someone Heart, we must never Dukna, Kayo in the heart of ALLAH Tllah his home life is built. And do not disturb any of his weakness, but should help her in every way. Whenever a body need not give any injury, since each individual animals, animal Nrgiv, planting trees, in all this, but the ALLAH particle is Tllah Wash. You do nothing to please ALLAH, as you go Hajj feet keep fasting, the sanctuary offer sheet, prayers 5 times a day and leave the name of Allah Aesehi any job. Because you know that ALLAH is pleased with this thing. People who are engaged in the service of ALLAH. But this thinking is totally wrong for you.

Allah Ko Razi Karne Ki Powertful Dua

ALLAH created the world. Then ALLAH made the world, but I thought I would do it, then he did -jnhuo body and then created human beings, but he made a mistake and the man who gave the world two members of the stomach and the heart is name. The food given to the stomach hunger. And that human happiness and pain in your life when ALLAH gave refuge to help you create the Surrey Inshan are happy to help others so that this ALLAH has created the world’s attention. People thought they just worship ALLAH created us to have, but it is not.

The logo created for themselves even for a second, well she is Tllah ALLAH made us so that he is so powerful. He can keep himself focused. Rather it is that you take care of your logo. But based on their actions to help. So we should thank them. We made his own and became a servant of the world is ill-adapted to strike.

Adab ka raasta, adaab e sheikh, raza e elahi, Allah Ki Khushnudi, allah ki khushnoodi, Maal-o-daulat Allah ki khushnudi nahi, Raza-e-Ilahi, Allah Ko Razi Karna, AllahKo Razi Karlo, allah ko razi kese karen, ALLAH ko Razi karne ky Tareekay, ALLAH KO KESE RAZI KARE, Allah kaise razi hoga, allah ko razi karne ka tarika, allah ko razi karne ka amal.

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