Amal To Get Your Husband Love

Amal To Get Your Husband Love , ” marriage is the most seeking event in our country because everybody want to do marriage with his or her right partner and cause of this reason, sometimes we have not gotten right partner in our life at right age because of everybody has different destiny. However, right now, we have some Duas or special blessings of god that will make our future bright without any difficulties because human can solve any kind of problem. So keep occupied to yourself and do not give authority to your mind to remain idle.

This is another powerful wazifa for solving any problems insha ALLAH. Whatever issues you have for example- getting good grades in exams, any hard task is pending, or if you have any problem related to your job/business/personal insha ALLAH they will be gone soon. All it needs a 100% devotion from your end.

Amal To Get Your Husband Love

Hadrat Mohiuddin Jeelani Rehmatullahe Alayhe ne farmaya hai ke jo shakhs (111) martaba ek so gyarah martaba is dua ko parhe. Jo kuch mushkil rakhta ho haq ta’aala is ki har mushkil asan kare ‘jo kuch mene paya hai is dua ke parhne se paya.’ Is dua ko fajr ya insha ki namaz ke bad parhe is waqt tak jab tak ke maqsad mein kamyab na ho jaye. Matlab ye hai ke rozana kijiye jab tak asar na ho.

Is wazifa ko fajr ya insha ki namaz ke bad parhe. Rozana ye amal kijiye jab tak apko farq aur faydah na mehsoos ho. waqt tak jab tak ke maqsad mein kamyab na ho jaye.Hadrat Mohiuddin Jeelani Rehmatullahe Alayhe has narrated that if any person will  recite this dua (111) one hundred eleven times. If any person has any kind of difficulties or any hard task, insha ALLAH his/her difficulties will be resolved soon. Recite this dua ‘Whatever I’ve obtained is through reciting this dua.

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